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Este CD solamente es para leer y ver
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deux livres en français


  Cosmic Conflict  
The Lives and Struggles of  Christians through the Ages
and the Crisis just ahead of us - a Narrative of Christian
History with Important Documentary Supplements.

Early Writings - Ellen G. White
Comfort and Guidance for those who are waiting for
the soon return of the Lord. Most important visions
of  the last days prophet, Ellen G. White.

Universal System of Forced Worship
A stupendous crisis awaits us. What you are about
to read takes you behind the scenes and explores
the shocking “Who”, “How”, and “Why”.

Christian History with Pictures
More pictures than words - documenting the regions
of this world where Christianity was flourisching once,
how paganism has become deeply embedded in the
Catholic Church, and how the pure church
of old has slowly become extinct.

Love & Passion of Christ
Considered by many experts to be one of the most
accurate and spiritually helpful biographies ever written
on the life of Christ... simply beautiful and pure... of high
literary value as seen from a worldly perspective.

Finding Peace Within
A good picture illustrating what real & true Christianity
is all about. It will bring you close to the Saviour who
is ready to help when you are deeply troubled and
don’t know which way to turn.

Healthful Living
It all began more than 100-years ago as a revolution little
noticed by the world, and is still up to date even in our
day, bound to be relevant also in the time to come.

Health without Prescription Drugs?
Vitamin-D Deficiency, Vegan Athletes, You may have
Lyme Disease, Possible Cure for Chronic Lyme Disease,
Diet Soft Drinks to blame for many Degenerative
Diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons,
Headache, Dizziness, Seizures, Systemic Lupus,
Body Alarm System Dysfunction, and more.

King James Version Bible
Oldest, most accurate Bible based on earliest known
Manuscripts, attested to by such scholars as Metzger,
Geerlings, Wilbur Pickering,  John Burgon, E.W. Colwell,
Zane Hodges, William Palmer, Hills, Zuntz,  H.A. Sturz.

Our Authorized Bible Vindicated
Most likely you are reading from a bible which by means
of  sophisticated  wording  prepares you for the kingdom
of  antichrist. Almost all bibles on the market today have
certain  verses removed  so as to facilitate the transition
to New Age teaching.  One example is the Lord's prayer
which  in these  bibles comes  without

Answers to Objections to Our Authorized Bible
There is a lot of Pressure these days to introduce Bibles
like  the  New  International Version  and  the American
Revised Version.  Anybody who dares  to advocate using
the  King James Bible only will be ridiculed.  When B.G.
Wilkinson  in 1930 came out with  'Our Authorized Bible
Vindicated' there were strong Objections from his Peers.
In his Answers Wilkinson tears all these Objections apart
and shows the errors and faulty reasoning behind them.

Is the Virgin Mary Dead or Alive?
Is she still in her grave or is she, as the world believes,
in heaven? A correct understanding of this topic may
decide if  YOU (at the first resurrection) will stay behind
in your grave or if you will be resurrected to go to heaven.


Sistema Universal de Adoracion Forzada
La Gran Controversia (el Gran Conflicto)
La Virgen María - ¿Está Muerta o Viva?
Buscando la Paz Interior
El Deseado de todas las Gentes
Reina Valera Biblia Santa - RVG



La Vierge Marie, est-elle Morte ou Vivante?
Trouver la Paix Intérieure
Bible King James Française 2006



Is there Death after Life?
Most all of your Bible Questions answered.

True Protestantism
is Dying because Worshipers are turning
away from the King James Version Bible.