Universal System of Forced Worship

National Sunday Law - A.Jan Marcussen

Many nowadays are getting a hunger and thurst
for the truth. The honest are not content any more
with a watered down mixture, they want the pure truth.
Errors from the pulpit don't just fly over their heads
any more, they want to know the way it really was.

First Chapter  The Two Horned Beast

Second Chapter   The Beast Identified

Third Chapter      The Beast Described

Fourth Chapter                   Dynamite!

Fifth Chapter    The Mark of the Beast

Sixth Chapter  The Image of the Beast

Seventh Chapter    The Global Conflict

Appendix 1       Appendix 7

Appendix 1a     Appendix 8

Appendix 2       Appendix 9

Appendix 3       Appendix 10

Appendix 4       Appendix 11

Appendix 5       Appendix 12

Appendix 6

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