True Protestantism is Dying
because . . .

. . . . worshipers are turning away from the
King James Version Bible.  Do they know that,
in doing so, they are changing their allegiance?

( NIV vs.  KJV   a verse by verse comparison )

The irregularities and omissions shown in the following
verses of the NIV are common to all bibles based on the
Greek text of Westcott & Hort which is derived from the
Sinaiticus (aleph) and Vaticanus (codex-B), two sources
identified by responsible scholars as corrupt & depraved.
Purged & rejected by the early church, these 2 sources
have become popular again and are accepted today as
genuine and inspired by a busy and careless generation
just because the NIV and other new versions are referring
to these sources (
aleph & codex-B) in their footnotes as
"most reliable" manuscripts, a concept which seemed to
stand on solid ground perhaps until the beginning of the
last century, but has been thoroughly disproven by
responsible scholars of more recent times.

While the deficiencies shown in the following verses are
common to most all new bible versions, the Isaiah 14:12
corruption can only be found in the NIV which makes it
the most unholy bible of all.

Isaiah 14:12

Daniel 3:25

Matthew  5:22

Matthew  6:13

Matthew  8:29

NIV omitted
Matthew  17:21

NIV omitted
Matthew  18:11

Matthew  19:9

NIV omitted
Matthew  23:14

Matthew  27:35

Mark 6:11

NIV omitted
Mark 7:16

NIV omitted
Mark 9:44

Mark 10:21

Mark 10:24

NIV omitted
Mark 11:26

NIV omitted
Mark 15:28

Luke 4:4

Luke 9:55

Luke 9:56

Luke 11:2-4

NIV omitted
Luke 17:36

NIV omitted
Luke 23:17

Luke 23:38

NIV omitted
John 5:4

John 6:47

John 16:16

Acts 2:30

Acts 4:24

NIV omitted
Acts 8:37

NIV omitted
Acts 15:34

NIV omitted
Acts 24:7

NIV omitted
Acts 28:29

Romans 1:16

Romans 8:1

Romans 11:6

NIV omitted
Romans 16:24

1 Corinthians  6:20

Ephesians  3:9

Ephesians  3:14

Ephesians  5:30

Colossians 1:14

1 Thessalonians  1:1

Hebrews  7:21

Sins vs Faults
James 5:16

1 Peter  1:22

1 John 5:7

1 John 5:13

Revelation 1:8

Revelation 1:11

Revelation 5:14

Politically Correct?

Who killed Goliath?
2nd Samuel 21:19

Malicious Falsehood
Hosea 11:12


If the changes made to produce a new bible version
do not glorify the God of Abraham one can say
with certainty that the devil is behind it.


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