Truly Adventist Sabbath Keepers


TASK ministry is not associated in any way with
the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists.

Above ACRONYM is meant to serve only as a
unifying motive for the scattered brethren
of the Historic Adventist Movement which
includes all who keep God's true Sabbath
holy (
Isa.58:13,14), who will not accept
Sunday sacredness even if there is a
law enforcing Sunday worship attendance.

At this point it seems appropriate to deal with the circumstances expected to develop during the time of Sunday Law persecution (those outside the 7th-Day Adventist community would have to read Universal System of Forced Worship to understand what this is all about). Natural disasters will come more frequently and will be felt in every part of the world. Things will get so bad that most everybody will be crying out in despair for mercy from the Lord. That will be the time when secular rulers and religious leaders are going to unite to enforce Sunday worship as this will appear to be the only hope for turning away the wrath of the Lord. Seventh-Day Adventists will be in agony not knowing what to do. Should they go to church both on Saturday AND on Sunday, or should they refuse to observe Sunday sacredness and as usual go to church on the Bible Sabbath (Saturday) only? Two groups will then be forming among 7th-Day Adventists, one group which will be in conformance with the new law of the land to obey and attend Sunday worship, the other group standing firm to worship on Saturday morning only. The first group will be respectably law abiding as far as this world is concerned whereas those belonging to the second group will become outcasts and be considered the scum of this world as they refuse to fall in line with the new law of the land calling for mandatory Sunday worship.

Today most 7th-Day Adventists believe that those who will be falling away to go along with Sunday worship will also be the ones who are going to leave the Church proper. Certainly, they will be leaving God's True Church, but does that mean they will no longer be using 7th-Day Adventist church facilities? Could it be that just by switching to Sunday worship during the coming time of persecution brethren would be automatically excluded from membership in God's True Church without actually separating from the church structure? There will be no outward sign at first that those who have switched to Sunday worship are no longer counted among God's people as both the faithful and the unfaithful will still be enjoying Conference church membership. God's True Church can function anywhere without church buildings, without padded pews and even without Conference bank accounts, whereas the worldly (then Sunday worshiping) faction will not and cannot do without these things. And why should they? After all, they will be seen as law abiding citizen and should therefore have the right to continue administration of the church structure. Nothing much will change among regular 7th-Day Adventists except that Sunday worship will become mandatory as required by law and that Saturday (Sabbath) worship will be of a voluntary nature.

What will God's true servants do, those who will not give in to forced Sunday worship? Nothing much at first, but they will be puzzled as to why the unfaithful Sunday group does not leave the Conference church environment. Nevertheless, the faithful will be patient and happy to attend the usual Saturday (Sabbath) services mingling with some of those who go to church on both days of the weekend - believe it or not, there will be Saturday and Sunday services within 7th-Day Adventist church buildings! Church leadership will have no choice than to make Sunday morning services available to avoid the danger of having the entire Adventist Conference structure shut down by civil authorities.

At that time everybody will try to remain calm not wanting to cause any problems as nobody seems to fully understand what is going on. But as soon as Sunday worship will be controlled and rigorously enforced on pain of losing all commercial privileges (buying & selling) it will dawn on the small group of faithful Sabbath keepers that THEY may have to be the ones who would have to leave and do without church facilities because the larger, so called "law abiding" Sunday group is not going to abandon everything so dear to them to which they seem to have the legitimate right, namely church buildings, schools, universities, financial assets and power. Some of God's faithful people will be fleeing to the wilderness at this time while others will continue to attend Saturday morning Sabbath services only to be singled out by the authorities for not participating in mandatory Sunday worship. Very few will then be able to escape before being arrested, most will end up in prison or concentration camps. This has been plainly foretold in the book Cosmic Conflict (1884 edition of the Great Controversy, chapter-34):

"Many of all nations and all classes, high and low, rich and poor, black and white, will be cast into the most unjust and cruel bondage. The beloved of God pass weary days, bound in chains, shut in by prison bars, sentenced to be slain, some apparently left to die of starvation in dark and loathsome dungeons. No human ear is open to hear their moans; no human hand is ready to lend them help". That chapter also mentions some who earlier have fled from cities and villages to associate together in companies dwelling in the most desolate and solitary places, even in the strongholds of the mountains.

Looks like all of God's faithful people are to be found either in the wilderness or in prison camps during the furor of Sunday Law persecution. So then, who at that time will be using 7th-Day Adventist church facilities? Wouldn't it be those who will have switched to Sunday worship? Some of these will go to church on Saturday also, thinking the Lord will understand if under the prevailing circumstances they worship both days of the weekend, that the Lord would accept their service. But He won't, because trying to keep God's Bible Sabbath holy and at the same time go along with Sunday sacredness is like serving two masters. This kind of approach is not advisable today, and in the time of Sunday law persecution it will lead to receiving the Mark of the Beast (Rev.13:18). Things weren't any different in the time of Israel's apostasy. They were maintaining the temple service, and at the same time worshiping Baal also. Israel at that time also was serving two masters.

Here is another way to look at things, as to which group will have to do without church facilities in the very end. Let's go back and review what God's faithful did before in times of apostasy, like Enoch, Noah, Elijah, Jesus, the Waldenses, even those during the time leading up to the events of 1844. One can see that it always has been the faithful minority separating from the greater body of the apostate church. Does that mean that God's faithful were leaving the Church in each case? Not at all, because God's True Church ALWAYS is where His people are and this Church is NOT necessarily in the same place where buildings and other assets are.

7th-Day Adventists like to compare the church to a field of wheat with tares sown in between (Matt.13:24-30). The wheat and the tares are a representation of the faithful and the not so faithful who cannot presently be distinguished. They all will be church members until the end when the Lord will separate the faithful from those who will cave in to Sunday worship.  It is my hope that brethren will understand when the final persecution comes, things will not develop along now perceived lines, that the unfaithful majority would flee and leave church buildings and financial assets behind, no, on the contrary, it most likely will be the other way around, that the faithful minority will have to leave in order to be separate. This will be the omega apostasy and it will be of a most startling nature (EGW). The ship that in the end is to go through, this is God's true church without the buildings and without financial assets. It cannot be any other way because the Lord has no use for man made treasures. The brethren who will be languishing in prison cells and those who managed to escape to the wilderness will be the special property of the Lord, and not those who give in to legalized Sunday worship who at the very end are still proud to be in control of the physical church.

Remember, during the time of Sunday Law persecution
Sunday Worship is the Mark of the Beast and
it doesn't matter if you go for worship both, on
Saturday and on Sunday, or on Sunday only.

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