Illuminati - 666

There is no way to understand this world without
the knowledge of who the Illuminati are and
what they have in mind for you and me.


A book exposing the purposes and intentions
of those in power is here printed for you:
This book has been compiled by William Josiah Sutton,
printed by the Institute of Religious Knowledge - 1983
"Although ministers have always been aware of the
presence of evil powers, this book of about 300 pages
puts the teacher/preacher in possession of astonishing
materials that will, when rightly used, make his ministry
more powerful and effective. It sets forth in vivid
language some issues too little understood."
Kenneth L. Vine, Dean of Religion,
Loma Linda University.


Table of Contents
INTRODUCTION ............................... page 1

CHAPTER  I (Part One) .................... page 9

1. Origin of False Religions Began with Lucifer.
2. The Rebellion in Heaven Against God.
3. The Rebellion on Earth Against God.
4. Lucifer was and is today worshipped as the Sun-god.
5. The Doctrine of the Immortal Soul,
Basic Foundation of Witchcraft.
6. Astrology, the Origin of all Pagan Sciences.

CHAPTER  I (Part Two) ...................   page 35

1. The Modern Term for Witchcraft
taught in Colleges Today.
2. The Origin of the "Great Rite"
among Modern-Day Witches.
3. What Is Phallicism?
4. The Jewish Star of David Is
Not Originally from Judaism,
but Babylonian Witchcraft.
5. The Pentagram and Pentagon.
6. Sacred Numbers and Letters in
Witchcraft that Deceive Today.
7. The Origin of the Number 666.
8. Names for the Devil and Sungods That Add to 666.
9. The Origin of the Name "Phoenix" (Fenex),
an Ancient Name for Lucifer.

CHAPTER  II  (Part One).................... page 81

1. The Origin of the Mysteries.
2. Bible Knowledge to Test a True Prophet.
3. A Brief Study About the Cabala,
the Jewish Book of Magic.
4. Origin of the Rosicrucians.
5. What Is Illuminism?
6. Who the Great God Hermes Really Was.
7. Hermes and Nimrod: Founders of Freemasonry.
8. More on the King God-man
Ninus, Who Was Nimrod.
9. Albert Pike, Highest Authority on Freemasonry,
Was Not a  Confederate Hero General As Believed
and Taught Among Masons, but was a Washout.

CHAPTER  II  (Part Two)..................... page 105

1. A Comprehensive Study into the
Secret Doctrines of Freemasonry.
2. Documented Proof that Albert Pike
Was An Open Worshiper of Lucifer.
3. The Promotion of Modern Witchcraft
by Apostles of Lucifer.
4. Charles Manson, aka Jesus Christ God.
5. Shocking Facts About the Beatles Rock Group's
White Album, and About Other Rock Groups.
6. Shocking Facts About Witchcraft Signs Being the
Origin of Symbols of the United States Government.

CHAPTER  III .......................................... page 147

1. Understanding the Symbolic Term
Harlot As Given in Prophecy.
2. A Comprehensive Study of Revelation, 17th Chapter.
3. A Comprehensive Study of Daniel, 7th Chapter.
4. Understanding the Symbolic Beast
from the Bottomless Pit.
5. The 1260 Year Prophecy of the Two
Witnesses and the Papal Apostasy.
6. Adam Weishaupt, The Human Devil,
the 18th Century Nimrod.
7. The History of the Secret Society of the Illuminati.
8. The Illuminati Becomes a Freemasonry Order.

CHAPTER  IV  (Part One)..................... page 190

1. The Birth of Communism.
2. The History Behind The League of the
Just (A Front for The Illuminati).
3. Karl Marx Writes the Communist Manifesto
for The League of the Just.
4. Nicholai Lenin Becomes A Member of The League
of the Just, who later changed their Name to
"The League of the Communists."
5. Jacobin Clubs, The League of the Just, The League
of the Communists and Bolshevism
were all Illuminati Fronts.
6. The Plan by the Modern 20th Century Illuminists
to get Control of the World's Nuclear
Weapons through the United Nations.

CHAPTER  IV  (Part Two) ................... page 208

1. The Papacy and the United States foretold as the
Two Beasts found in Revelation Chapter-13.
2. The One World Government Conspirators
within high places in the U.S.
3. The Art of Subliminal Warfare through
TV, Magazines, Newspapers, etc.
4. The Communist Plot uncovered by the
UnAmerican Activities Committee in 1947.
5. Tracing Early Communism (Illuminism)
in Early American History.
6. More on International Banking and how American
Bankers connected with the Rothschilds
and the Illuminati Conspiracy.
7. The History Behind the Federal Reserve Trap.
8. President Woodrow Wilson and The League of Nations.
9. Col. Edward Mandel House and the Founding of
the Council on Foreign Relations, Inc.
10. The United Nations: Headquarters for the
One World Government Conspiracy

CONCLUSION ......................................... page 248

1. The Communist Trap to Use Christianity
to Destroy Christianity through the
World Council of Churches
2. Signs Today that Show the Coming Merger of
Communism (Illuminism), Catholicism
and Apostate Protestantism.
3. The Coming Worldwide "Reign of Terror."
4. The Seal of the Living God on Their Foreheads.
5. Jesus Christ, Who Was, Is, and Is To Come.
6. A Sign Given by Christ to Show the
Earth and Its Inhabitants that
Jesus Christ Is the Creator.
7. What the Mark of the Beast (Papacy) Is.
8. The Papacy Is Branded with the Number 666.
9. Come Out of Her, My People.
10. Jesus Christ Will Destroy Lucifer and All His People.
11. The Universal Product Code.

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