Health without Prescription Drugs?

Problems with Artificial Sweeteners

World's best Selling Sweetener - Shocking Story

Aspartame Danger to Infants, future Generations

US President asked to Pull the Plug on Aspartame

MD, Whistleblower on Aspartame Toxicity Study

Acceptable Limits for Aspartame Consumption?

Lethal Science of Splenda Artificial Sweetener

India Newspaper about Dangers of Aspartame

Impotence & Blindness from Diet Soft Drinks

Splenda "Explodes Internally"- says Chemist

Aspartame - Headache, Dizziness, Seizures

Evils Lurking in Aspartame Consumption?

Low Doses of Aspartame Cause Cancer

Drowning in  High Fructose Corn Syrup

The Evils of High Fructose Corn Syrup

Kentucky - Aspartame Death Capital

Aspartame Sweetener makes you Fat

Aspartame - Killing  Kids for Money

Aspartame & Psychiatric Disorders

Doctors Ignore Aspartame Disease

Aspartame - Revealing New Study

Murdering Infants with Aspartame

New Mexico banning Aspartame?

Alarming Decay of  Public Health

Aspartame Nightmare - by Tasha

Your Health  - Wake Up, awake!

Multiple Sclerosis & Aspartame

Enormous Diabetes Epidemic

Get Fat with Diet Soft Drinks

Aspartame Makers in a Tizzy

Aspartame Violates State and
Federal Adulteration Statutes

FDA Betrayal of Consumers

Sudden Cardiac Death

Slim Fast Propaganda


Lyme Disease vs. Chronic Illness

Lyme Disease / Chronic Illness Conference

Cause, Spread, Therapy of Lyme Disease

CDC  cares about  Lyme Disease?

What makes Lyme Disease tick?

Lyme Disease Look-Alike

Lyme Disease Mystery


MSG additive - the Taste that kills

Obesity from MSG Food Additives

Morbidly Obese feasting on MSG

MSG - Slowly Poisoning America

MSG sprayed on Crops

Obesity Secret Ignored


Cancer - Help and Advice

Thyroid Hormone Therapy causing Breast Cancer?

Plastic Food Containers linked to Breast Cancer

Modern Medicine's Deceit of Cancer Patients

Serious Problems with Chemo-Therapy

Overcoming Terminal Breast Cancer

Chemotherapy cause of Permanent
Brain Damage & Memory Loss

Stop Cancer With Baking Soda!

Sodium Bicarbonate
Baking Soda & pH Levels

deception, denial, betrayal

Breast Cancer Screening
harming 9 out of 10 Women

Mammography causes Cancer

Vitamin-D cutting Cancer Risk?

Cheap, safe Drug kills most Cancers


Adequate Supply of Vitamins

MD says Vitamin-D effective against Influenza

High Dose Vitamins prevent Macular Degeneration

Hemp Seed - Nutritionally Complete Food Source

Why Flu hits in Winter - how to Stop it naturally

Dandelion Root - Cancer Cure?  At no Cost?

Itravenous Vitamin-C Kills Cancer Cells

Vitamin-C cures Avian Flu, Polio, etc?

Vitamin-D the Miracle Supplement

Lies about Calcium & Vitamin-D

Big Pharma to Rule the World?

Prepare for Avian Influenca!

Raise minimum Supplement
Intake Recommendations

Vitamin-D Panacea?


Advantages of Vegetarian Living

Fight Global Warming - Go Vegetarian

Are Soy Foods and Drinks Healthy?

Soy Foods  Affect  Your  Thyroid?

Raw Veggies from Frozen Food

Superfoods of Great Value

Vegan Tennis Champ

29 Healthiest Foods


Miscellaneous Topics on Health

Honey could Save Diabetics from Amputation

The Amazing Truth about the Sun and Your Health

Fountain of Youth, Nature's Healer - amazing DMSO

Deadly Infections related to Selenium Deficiency

Uninsured charged  much more than the Insured

Natural Treatment for DU contaminated People

Morgellons - Remarkable Laboratory Findings

Psychiatrist blows the Lid on Antidepressants

5 Fish are Deadly  - 3 will help your Heart

Toxin in Plastics  Harming Unborn Boys

Effect of teenage Fat on Blood Vessels

Rediscovery of Water-Only Fasting

White Flour  may Cause  Diabetes

Fluoride Effects on the Thyroid

Root Canal Research Cover Up

Is Tamiflu Safe? Does it Help?

Your Shampoo has bad Toxins

Bird Flu (avian flu) Explained

Partially  Hydrogenated  Oils

Effective Bird Flu Remedy

Inspired Healthful Living

Most Offspring Die When
Mother Rats Eat GM Soy

Amazing Olive Leaf Extract

Remedy for Chronic Ailments,
use Apple Cider Vinegar

Selenium Pills may Combat HIV

SOY Products -  Adverse Effects

Healing Properties of Cayenne Pepper


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