Finding Peace Within

Stress can cripple you. Today's fast-paced lifestyles demand relief. Personal disappointments, broken family relationships and job related stresses are crippling thousands. This easy-to-read, easy-to-follow guide offers lasting solutions to the challenges of everyday life. Find out what millions of readers  have discovered. Read the book for people in need...

Part-1 Steps to Christ
[by E.G.W.]


God's Love for Man (the source of peace)

Sinner's Need of Christ (your need for peace)

Repentance (the guilt factor)

Confession (living with your conscience)

Consecration (life at its best)

Faith and Acceptance (the role of faith)

The Test of Discipleship (the acid test)

Growing up into Christ (measuring up)

The Work and the Life (giving means living)

A Knowledge of God (listen to God)

The Privilege of Prayer (hidden treasure)

What to Do with Doubt (overcoming doubt)

Rejoicing in the Lord (rejoicing within)



Part-2 The Christian Way
[by L.Munilla & C.E.Wheeling -]


Is the Bible Trustworthy?

Who is God?

Why is there Sin and Suffering?

Sin enters the Human Family.

Jesus, the man who is God.

The way to eternal Life.

Heaven will be a real Place.

Jesus will come again.

Time is running out.

What about God's Law?

Law and Grace.

A day to remember.

How did Sunday become the popular Day?

Why Baptism?

What happens at Death?

1000 Years of Peace?

What and where is Hell?

The Bible and Good Health.

What the Bible says about Money.

Success in the Christian Way.


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