Cosmic Conflict


Great Controversy 1884-Edition

A whirlwind of a story dealing with events of earlier Christian times, the story of why things happened the way they did, the story of men and women who lived through it and died to protect your Bible and your faith. Chapter after chapter - men and women who would not compromise. The peace they won we can have today. It is all here, within the pages of this book.
The story of the crisis in our days - what led up to this crisis - why we are now entering it - how to successfully meet it. Thinking men everywhere recognize that we are on the verge of a terrible emergency, yet few understand its nature. Here you will find key events of earlier times bringing us into a crisis situation. Here you will also find the truth about the Mark of the Beast.
A path is leading into the inevitable, but there is a way out, if you care. This is a book you would want  for yourself and your loved ones.


Chapter 1    The Destruction of Jerusalem

Chapter 2    Persecution in the first Centuries

Chapter 3    The Roman Church

Chapter 4    The Waldenses

Chapter 5    Early Reformers

Chapter 6    Luther's Separation from Rome

Chapter 7    Luther before the Diet

Chapter 8    Progress of the Reformation

Chapter 9    Protest of the Princes

Chapter 10   Later Reformers

Chapter 11   The Two Witnesses

Chapter 12   God honors the Humble

Chapter 13   William Miller

Chapter 14   The First Angel's Message

Chapter 15   The Second Angel's Message

Chapter 16   The Tarrying Time

Chapter 17   The Midnight Cry

Chapter 18   The Sanctuary

Chapter 19   An Open and a Shut Door

Chapter 20   The Third Angel's Message

Chapter 21   The Third Message Rejected

Chapter 22   Modern Revivals

Chapter 23   The Investigative Judgment

Chapter 24   Origin of Evil

Chapter 25   Enmity between Man and Satan

Chapter 26   Agency of Evil Spirits

Chapter 27   The Snares of Satan

Chapter 28   The First Great Deception

Chapter 29   Spiritualism

Chapter 30   Character and Aims of the Papacy

Chapter 31   The Coming Conflict

Chapter 32   The Scriptures a Safeguard

Chapter 33   The Loud Cry

Chapter 34   The Time of Trouble - Jacob's Trouble

Chapter 35   God's People Delivered

Chapter 36   Desolation of the Earth

Chapter 37   The Controversy Ended


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