Christian History with Pictures


The island of Patmos off the coast of Asia Minor
(western Turkey) was the location of the apostle
John's exile. There he recorded the visions
preserved in the last book of the bible entitled
 "The Revelation of Jesus Christ".


A view of the now transformed cave of
John the Revelator


With the following links photos are shown documenting
how Paganism of the Babylon of Old entered the early
Christian Church, weaning her away from the primitive
godliness of Apostolic times.

These pictures document how Paganism is
deeply embedded in the Catholic Church, they
also show where God's people lived, where they
suffered, where they died, and where they
passed the torch of truth in every
country of the world.

Photographs by Jim Arrabito and his
Team (below links) as shown in the book
"New Illustrated Great Controversy"

Donation of Constantine

The Pantheon of Rome

Jupiter or St. Peter?

Babylonian Priests migrate

Temple of Zeus

Babylonian Solar Cult

Winged Serpent Spirit

Winged Serpent Guardian

Mayan Serpent Sun God

Winged Serpent on Chariot

Serpent - Symbol of Healing

Serpent Door Handle

Papal Crest Dragon

Persian Sun God Mithra

Papal Zodiac

Golden Door of St. Ignatius

Assyrian Sun Crescent

Golden Child

Mother and Child

Mary with Lightning Bolt

Athena with Shepherd Crook

King Tut with Crooked Augur

Serpent Crook of Bishops of Old

Symbol of Male-Female Union

Neptune with Trident

Tridents on Cross of St. Paul's

Baby Jesus with Trident Crown

Modified Statue of Jupiter

Hindu Deities with Trident

Pagan Priests Dressed Half Fish

Dagon the Sun-Fish

Mystery Goddess Cybele

Pine Cone of Mexican God

Pine Cone of Hindu Gods

Pine Cone Staff - Solar God Osiris

Pine Cone of Assyrian God

Pine Cone - Roman God Bacchus

Pine Cone - Greek God Dionysus

Pine Cone - Vatican Court Rome

Pine Cone - Staff of the Pope

Clear Evidence of Sun Worship

Lalibela Monolith Church Ethiopia

Ruins of Antioch

Arch from Ruins of Laodicea

Evolution as Science
copied from different source)

Northern Syria - Al Bab

Ruins of Serjilla

Ruins of Al-Bab

Seat of the Armenian Patriarch

Armenian Church Structures

St. Sophia - Kiev - Russia

Shahi Zinda Mausoleum Samarkand

Kirghiz Nestorian Christians

Outside of Shahi Zinda Mausoleum

Samarkand - Eden of the East

St. Thomas Tomb - Mylapore

Ruins of Taxila

St. Thomas Church - Cochin, India

Entrance to Xian Museum, China

Nestorian Stone - Shensi, China

Tomb of Matteo Ricci

Nestorian Priest Leading Worship

Duplicate Nestorian Stone in Japan

Columba Missionary School in Ireland

Glendalough Chapel near Dublin, Ireland

Queen Maragret's Chapel in Edinburgh

Iona Abbey in Scotland

Welsh Non-Conformist's Grave

Tomb of Dr. Peter Chamberlen

Anagray Celtic Mission in France

Statue of Columbanus in Luxeuil, France

Tomb of Columbanus - Bobbio, Italy

Church of St. Gallen - Switzerland

Interior of Church at St. Gallen

Disentis Community - Switzerland

Carcassonne Bastille of Inquisition

Carcassonne Torture Museum

General Ziska - Bohemian Army

Montsegure Massacre of Albigenses

Council of Trent - The Castle

Waldensian College in Italian Alps

Waldenses attacked by Soldiers

Waldensian Church in Rome

That Oath still performed Today?

Jesuit Priest Ignatius Loyola

Ignatius Loyola - Battle Injury

Notre Dame - Montmartre Paris

Jesuit Church at Montserrat

Jesuit Church Sanctuary Rome

St. Francis Church - Goa India

St. Thomas Christians Surrendered

Changing Records of History?

Abraham Lincoln

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